About Us

Decorative and functional LED technology
where you need it.

     Innovative - Eccentric - Quality

Tilit, LLC integrates green technologies, innovation, safety, quality, and design into intelligent tiles for floors, walls, and ceilings, for use indoors and out.

Tilit pushes the tile industry to a new level by taking the latest in LED(light emmitting diodes) technology and incorporates it into natural stone tiles that serve as a decorative light source when ON and as accents when turned OFF.

Available in two sizes as well as in a wide selection of stone materials, colors, and pattern, the Tilit innovative illuminative tiles are watertight and install like the average tile, anywhere tiles can be installed. Use them as a backsplash/night light in the bathroom or as a baseboard to illuminate a dark hallway.

We also developed a light control system that includes a proximity sensor to automatically illuminate the tiles when human body is sensed or the tile is touched. All LEDs turn off after a pre-set time. An optional wireless and batteryless switch to control the illuminative tiles is also available.

Our team consists of designers, electrical and mechanical engineers and other specialties that makes us innovative and put us on the cutting edge of illuminated tiles design.