Intelligent Switching

Proximity Sensing System

Proximity sensor system enables you to control the Illuminated Tiles by detecting human presence either by proximation or touch. The sensor pad is paper thin and can be embedded in the tile thinset or even adhered and hidden behind drywall.


  Installation Diagram


Installation Pictures


Sensor Unit

Toggle Timer

The ON and OFF state of the Illuminated Tiles toggles when the Sensor Unit is triggered. When the Sensor System is triggered the adjustable timer starts and the Illuminated Tiles is turned ON. Illuminated Tiles are turned OFF after the pre-set time.

Sensor Pad

-Sensor is paperthin
-Can be embedded in thinset
-Can be embedded up to 4" of any materilas such as concrete, tile, wood, plastic etc except for metal.
-Self adhesive backing for easy preparation before applying thinset/mortar.

8"x11" - Wide Sense Area 3"x2" - Concenstrated Sense Area
This grid sensor pad is used where wide sense area is desired, such as flooring. This sensor pad is used where small and concenstrated sense area is desired, such as behind a wall where it acts like an invisible switch.

Wireless and Battery Free Switching System

Wireless switching enables you to control the Illuminated Tiles wirelessly. With this unique system there is no need to run wires from the Illuminated Tiles system to the switch resulting in a quick and easy installation. The wireless transmitter does NOT need battery to operate. It is self powered.


  Installation Diagram


Wireless and Battery Free Transmitter

This unique transmitter can be intalled anywhere since no wire is needed.

- NO battery needed - Self powered indefinitely
- 40 feet transmission range
- Self adhesive or screw mount to wall

Wireless Receiver - Wire-In

This receiver wires into the electrical system before the power supply and the Illuminated Tiles such as the junction box.

- Toggle or Timer operation (Easily programmable)
- Fits nicely in a 2"x 4" junction box

Wireless Receiver - Plug-In

This receiver plugs into the wall outlet, where the transformer for the Illuminated Tiles is plugged into this receiver.

- Toggle operation